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History of the ORWAC Research Development Grant

In November 2007 at an Executive Officers' meeting, Michelle A. Holling (then President) presented fellow officers with a proposal to establish a scholarship or grant for ORWAC members. The grant was conceived as a way to invest in feminist scholars, who help support the future of ORWAC and contribute to the growth of feminist communication scholarship. After much discussion about the feasibility of implementing a grant program, officers were unanimous in their support for beginning the “ORWAC Research Development Grant.” In the months that followed, officers contributed to crafting the grant call and teasing out specifics for the review and award process.  Promotion for the grant began in the January 2008 newsletter with formal announcement at the 2008 ORWAC Business Meeting, WSCA conference.

As stated in the call "Grants are designed to assist feminist scholars completing research or creative projects that privilege and advance understandings about the intersectionality and complexity defining women’s lives." With each successive year competition for the Research Development Grant increases. ‚Ä®For a list of past recipients and their projects and/or additional information for the current call consult the links to the right.