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Citizenship at the Intersections: 100 Years Since the 19th Amendment

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Citizenship at the Intersections: 100 Years Since the 19th Amendment
March 5-7, 2020
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution marked a fundamental change to women’s citizenship status in the US. Yet, that change was iterative and incomplete. As we recognize the 100 year anniversary of the amendment, this conference invites participants to explore citizenship at the intersections by looking backward, forward, and to the present moment. In particular we ask: How can we best understand the complex histories of the 19thamendment and women’s citizenship status with explicit attention to silences and absences? What are our current challenges and possibilities for civic engagement, inclusion, and advocacy? How do our institutions and social movements silence and empower? What are the possibilities for change, and how can that change occur?

Our program includes keynote presentations by Karma Chavez, Ersula Ore, and Isaac West, and responses by E. Cram, Lisa Flores, Annie Hill, Catherine Palczewski, Belinda Stillion Southard, and Shirley Wilson Logan. 

Registration: There is no conference registration fee for ORWAC members because of generous support from the National Communication Association and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. All conference participants are required to register in advance and be a current member of ORWAC.

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