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2018 Research Development Grant Report

Research Development Grant Recipient shares progress

ORWAC Research Development Grant Report -- Lisa A. Flores

University of Colorado Boulder

In 2017, I was awarded a $1,000 research development grant to assist me in the completion of my book project, Deportable and Disposable: Rhetorical Tropes in the Making of Mexican Illegality. I requested the money to support my travel to the National Archives in Riverside, California and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Library archives where I intended to secure photographs. After careful review online of their holdings and as I became more clear on exactly which photographs wanted to include in the book, I chose to work with Getty Images. Because my contract with Getty Images is for limited time circulation rather than for a particular print circulation, I will not complete actual purchase of the rights to the images until Fall 2019 when the book goes into production. Rights to use each of the images for a total of seven years costs $350; with the $1,000, I was able to secure rights to three photographs.

The grant was critical to the completion of the book. It allowed me to confirm with the press that I will indeed be able to include images in the book.


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