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2018 Award Winners

2018 Feminist Scholar of the Year and Top Papers

Congratulations to our 2018 Award Winners!

Feminist Scholar of the Year: Raquel Moreira, Graceland University, "'Now that I'm a Whore, Nobody is Holding Me Back!': Women in Favela Funk and Embodied Politics"2018 Fem Schol

2018 fem scholar
Top Paper: Whitney Neukam
, University of Utah, “Transphobic, Racist, and Classist Ideologies in the Women’s March on Washington: A Critique of White Feminism”


Top Student Paper: Jed Chalupa, Colorado State University, “Scapegoating to Preserve Hegemonic Ideology: An Examination of Criminal Minds’ Representation of Sex Work as a Means of Hegemonic Maintenance”2018 fem scholar





Top Undergraduate Student Paper: Danielle C. Biss,California State University, San Marcos, “(En)Gendering Hegemonic Representations of Disability in The Bridge

2018 fem scholar






Top Debut Paper: Marguerite Nguyen Lehamn, The Pennsylvania State University, “Gender N/A: Identity Disclosure in Activist Discourse and the ? Persona” 2018 fem scholar

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